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FOOTBALL FIXING MATCHES? We have something for you: A blog about fixed soccer matches.

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Football is the most popular sport in the world, with billions of fans and players. Football is also an incredibly lucrative business. With so much money at stake, it’s no surprise that some people are willing to compromise their integrity for a quick buck! In fact, there have been many rumors about match fixing in football over the years. And while these reports may seem like nothing more than urban legends or conspiracy theories (and sometimes both), it turns out that match fixing does exist and can impact your chances of winning a bet on soccer matches.





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So what exactly is match fixing? How do you know if a soccer game has been fixed? And why would anyone do such a thing? In this blog post we’ll explain everything you need to know about fixed soccer matches—from how they happen to who might be involved in them (if anyone).

What exactly is a fixed soccer match?

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A fixed match is a soccer game that has been manipulated by the players, coaches and even the officials involved in it. There are many reasons why this can happen, but one of the main reasons for these matches being fixed is money. The match-fixers usually manipulate their teams to lose so that they can make more money on bets placed before and after the game.

Another reason why football matches may have been fixed was due to revenge and power plays by certain individuals who wanted to gain control over other people’s lives or businesses by manipulating them into losing their jobs or business opportunities. These sorts of people would also try their best not only at influencing decisions made by team managers but also those made by referees who had been appointed at specific times during games as well as assistant referees who were assigned roles during certain periods during matches (usually when there was little action going on).

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Match fixing is a global problem, and it’s not just football. It’s also in tennis, cricket and many other sports.

Players are bribed to lose or win games. Results are manipulated by manipulating the score line after each match has been played (for example: a draw can be decided by manipulating which team scores first). Players are offered large sums of money to lose or win matches on purpose (a lot more than their salary could ever afford). Or they may be threatened with blackmail if they don’t take part in fixing matches for another side who will pay them better wages than expected from an honest game of soccer!

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So what exactly is match fixing? How do you know if a soccer game has been fixed? And why would anyone do such a thing? In this blog post we’ll explain everything you need to know about fixed soccer matches—from how they happen to who might be involved in them (if anyone).

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